Abia State Long-Term Development Plan (ABSLTDP), 2020-2050

The 30-year Abia State Long-Term Development Plan is a credible working document which will help to promote sustainable development and generate economic opportunities, growth and development for the people of Abia State. The Abia State Plan is an integrated development document which adopts a bottom-up approach. It provides a way for the inclusive development and entrenchment of good governance. It incorporates a socio-economic framework that helps to lay a solid foundation for sustainable poverty reduction through inclusive growth and wealth creation. It is a comprehensive document with the overarching objective of promoting growth and tacking poverty in the State.

SRT believe that the plan if progressively implemented will ensure sustained equitable growth and development of the State and bring about improvements in the well-being of its people. It is SRT hope that the State Government will adopt this document as its ‘Development Master Plan’ for development in Abia State in the 30 years implementation span. SRT recently initiated the Abia Sustainability RoundTable Series – ASRTS, after outcome SRT awareness and perception audit of the development plan shows many Abia citizens are not aware of existence of such a plan. The ASRTS was initiative out of concern and understanding that people who participate in decision-making that affects their development or understand why such decision was taken on their behalf feel a higher degree of ownership and commitment to the development. We also know that where beneficiaries are involved in implementation of a development project or programme, the sustainability of the project is assured. ASRTS therefore, am to elicit high citizens involvement in the implementation of the ABSLTDP -2020-2050 through relevant programmes of stakeholders’ engagement that tends to generate better awareness of the development plan and a greater sense of ownership. We promote participatory

SRT believed continuous citizens engagement is needed to attain the goals of the plan. Indeed, Citizen’s participation should be prioritized. Participatory development requires the involvement of concerned stakeholders from planning to implementation of a development. This includes identifying public concerns and values and developing a broad consensus on planned through design to implementation of the initiatives. It is also about utilizing the vast amount of information and knowledge that stakeholders hold to find workable, efficient and sustainable solutions to the development challenges and getting them drive implementation process and own he development. Thus, SRT hope to drive awareness of best practices approach and strategies on multiple stakeholders involvement as we drive implementation of the ABSLTDP -2020-2050 through successive government in Abia State.

SRT, encourage Abia Citizens to participate on the ongoing quarterly Abia Sustainability RoundTable Series – ASRTS, to contribute towards implementation of the Abia State Long-Term Development Plan, 2020-2050.  ASRTS platform is significant to getting contributions from stakeholders who now feels they was not enough citizens consultative processes (preparatory, data gathering, consultative, advocacy, capacity development, etc), observed at the state and local levels during preparation of the plan. Remember citizens goodwill and acceptance is key to build consensus and ownership for future Abia development.

SRT joined to endorse the plan as Abia plan. We appreciate the enthusiasm, dedication and unity of purpose demonstrated during the formulation of the Plan by the parties involved. The task ahead is for us as Abia citizens to work together with our government to achieve what is envisioned in the Plan. There is no doubt that the plan would be implemented with provisions for review every five years. The vision, mission, goals, and core values of the plan are well stated. The plan covers all aspects of the socio-economic activities in Abia State. It discusses the challenges of the State and proffers solutions. More importantly, the plan considers the dynamic nature of domestic and global trends. The implementation of the plan would secure and guarantee a better life for the present and future generations of Abians.

Furthermore, the plan ensures that Abia State is ready to attract foreign direct investment as reflected in the proposed soft and hard infrastructural initiatives in the plan. It is our desire that all stakeholders and those interested in the development of the State would collaborate with the government to ensure the full realization of the objectives of the plan, through positive constructive suggestions, recommendations on what is missing in the plan or what was over emphasised. SRT, through the quarterly ASRTS would continue to identify and recommend to government areas Abia State citizens feels need to be revisited toward implementation of the plan and overall sustainable development of Abia State.

Please download and read the ABSLTDP-2020-2050 at your convenient and send us your Suggestions and Recommendations on the plan  

Eric Adile Iroajugh

Convener, SRT

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