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What We Do

Engage! Educate! Empower!
  • Engage broad alliance of multi-stakeholders with applicable development communication approach to enhance capacity and strengthen the means of implementation of the SDGs in rural communities.
  • Educate rural communities and people, who are seldom-heard and silent majority to recognize their role as both advocates and true activist in their own development and Sustainability of SDGs projects in their communities.
  • Empower rural communities and people to take ownership and drive the systemic progress for the SDGs implementation and sustainability in their communities.

Our Facilitators

SRT is a LeCadeau Communications Limited social investment initiative. At LeCadeau, we are volunteers for sustainability; we believe that working together to make a difference is the pathway to the shared future we want. We aspire to continually invest our resources and people in projects that motivate us to sustain our shared vision of a global corporation - collaborating with multi-stakeholder partners for sustainable development education and implementation in communities where we are building brand loyalty.

SRT is supported by a small team of volunteers, who are motivated by the shared vision of the Future they want; and driven by the conviction that for development to become sustainable, there needs to be a positive transformation in values, beliefs and social norms that underpin development. We are confidence that sustainability literacy has the power to positively influence people and communities towards social transformation and sustainable development.

Our sponsors & partners