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Key Collaborations

In 2015, Adile collaborated with the LAGOS STATE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, through LAGOS STATE PARK AND GARDEN AGENCY in hosting the first Green Lagos Stakeholders forum. SRT convener, Adile Iroajugh was the first Lecturer at the Forum organized by the Lagos State Government.

Since 2016, SRT through the convener has been collaborating with the Inter-agency Network on Education in Emergency (INEE) in hosting the yearly Meet Up. The report for our 2018 INEE Meet Up was published in the Amazon – INEE Global Meet-Up Feedback Report – Amazon S3


We seek individuals and corporate supports and wide-ranging networks and funding to drive SRT objectives and programmes. We seek sponsorship to drive implementation of SRT research and learning supports and advocacy programmes to shape behaviours and promote values required to drive rural SDGs project implementation and sustainability in Nigeria. Please partner with us so we can together build the shared future we want.

Funding and Administration

SRT is non incorporated not for profit organization governed by a set of bye-laws, it does not have a corporate legal identity. SRT currently derived it legal identity as a Social Investment Project of LeCadeau Communications Limited. This status allows SRT to maintain neutrality and maximum flexibility it pursuit of its objectives and programmes  in cognizance with its critical stakeholder’s  priorities.

SRT’s administrative oversight and fiscal sponsorship has been borne by key programmes partners. All funds and grants are subject to the fiscal accountability and auditing procedures as part of SRT mandate of transparency.

SRT Team of Volunteers [TOV] collaboratively coordinate SRT programmes and activities in collaboration with benefiting community or organisation. The Convener supervise activities of the team and supported by a Five-Man Management Advisory Council [MAC], who are multi-sectors experienced professional and scholars with vast insight and experiences within the development communication and sustainability framework.

Management Advisory Council [MAC]

  • Adile Iroajugh O (Eric)       –       Convener
  • Assaprogopwa AARON     –        Member
  • Chinwe Odionye, PhD        –        Member
  • Fatima S. Usman                –        Member
  • Chukwuemeka Nkechi       –        Member
  • Ejiro IDOLOR                      –        Member