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About Sustainability RoundTable (SRT).

Sustainability RoundTable is an open convergence platform of multi-sector stakeholders working together within the SDGs programmes and projects sustainability framework to foster accelerated progress towards achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Nigeria and African communities.

SRT Programmes and activities is founded on the overarching need for systemic progress toward SDGs programmes and Projects Sustainability as basis for consolidating on the gains of the Sustainable Development Goals as a pathway in building a prosperous, peaceful, safe, resilient and sustainable communities in Nigeria and Africa.

Our Mission

  • To break social and institutional barriers that restrict  grassroots dialogue and participation on rural SDGs programmes and projects sustainability.
  • To build cross-sector collaboration for SDGs Programmes and Projects Sustainability
  • To foster positive behavioural change towards ownership transfer of SDGs  programmes & Projects
  • To advance research and build evidence to address common sustainability issues and changes and work towards shared solutions.

SRT Programmes

SRT activities focus on creating awareness and building individuals, organisation and community capacity around development sustainability framework.

  • Sustainability Literacy – Training and Learning Facilitations
  • Social & Sustainability Research
  • Coalition & Partnership building
  • Sustainability Rating and Ranking
  • Education in Emergency

 Our Platforms

  • Training, Workshops & Seminars
  • Conferences & Town Hall Meetings
  • Rallies and Social Campaigns

Why SRT?

The multiple crises confronting us today are being addressed separately, even though they are inter-related and require an integrated approach. Combating climate change, violent conflict,  extremism & terrorism, food crisis, water and energy supply issues, health & Medicare, social infrastructure needs  etc. are being address as separate challenges, But there are all interrelated and require integrated solutions. The solution lies in our commitment to sustainability, a consciousness that whatever we do today impact our future. This is the consciousness that drive SRT.

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