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Sustainability RoundTable

Sustainability RoundTable (SRT) is a research, education and advocacy platform that promote and provide useful universal framework for strengthening collective action towards sustainable development. Sustainability RoundTable aims to reinvent and reshape the Africa’s sustainability landscape for our shared prosperity and fulfilment of our intergenerational responsibilities through collaborative partnerships, citizens participations and multi-stakeholders’ engagement.

We support and work with rural communities; regional, national and state governments in Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through contextually relevant programmes.


To break social and institutional barriers that restrict grassroots dialogue and participation on SDGs Programmes and Projects Sustainability.

To achieve the SDGs project sustainability community and people participation is becoming the central issue, and participation requires communication. Rural SDGs projects sustainability can only be achieved if beneficiaries are motivated and empowered to take ownership of the implementation process.

SRT platforms use Development Communication approach of social change communication to empowers rural communities towards common action and participation in their own development

    1. Research:
      • SRT Custom research to inform contextually relevant sustainability strategies to advance knowledge of the sustainable development goal and the global sustainability landscape.
      • Public research funded by state, national or regional governments, donor agencies, global and regional organisational/multinational agencies to inform actions, policies, useful universal framework to strengthen sustainability efforts.
    2. Education:
      • To empower leaderships with sustainable decisions for social change and sustainability skills that enhances development project sustainability.
      • To empower both men and women at community, state and national levels to value and actively participate in their own development
    3. Advocacy:
      • SRT amplify contributions to sustainable development in communities by individuals, government, development agencies and partners.
      • SRT amplify benefits of a development and mobilize beneficiaries to take ownership of the development to enhance its sustainability.

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